“the body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness”

Sakyong Mipham

Yoga provides the opportunity to do both at once. 

I help horse riders (you) go from aching, frustrated by their rides, and feeling “stuck” at the same riding level to riding with confidence, connection (to your horse and yourself), and without those nagging aches +pains.

What’s that actually mean? 

You become a winning team.

Horse riding (your passion) is back to being a source of joy- not a form of slow torture.

Your trainer stops yelling at you (at least for the same thing over and over).

All without leaving your house (or barn). 

DIY Yoga programs

You’re ready to feel like a million bucks in (and out of) the saddle. NOW.

All you need is to be pointed in the right direction. 

Pick any of these programs, roll out your yoga mat, and get started immediately. 

Designed for the rider who has some yoga knowledge- or is comfortable with getting started anyways- because we figure it out as we go, right?

Depending on the program you’ll get PDF downloads, a yoga intro/what you need, suggested schedule(s) to fit your yoga goals, and videos to walk you through.

Sound like a good fit?

Check out the different DIY programs and grab the one that suits your needs.

Then get your yoga on, because you actually have to do the yoga to see the results.

Private Yoga Coaching

AKA work with me directly.

You want to improve your riding and aren’t interested in messing around or following a program that wasn’t specifically designed for you. Plus, you know some accountability will keep you on track and focused.

Or maybe you just want to get a solid foundation before going the DIY route. 

Whatever your reason, you want some one on one attention to get the most out of your yoga.

Check out your (two) options to work with me privately and then book a quick call to make sure we are on the same page.

New Year's Group Program

Feeling a little like the Tin Man but not quite loving the other options?

You want *some* personalized attention, kinda want to DIY, need a little guidance, and there has to be a start/end date?

Oh, and let’s not forget- you want to ride better. Whether that means with less pain, more confidence, less fighting with your horse, being in (or getting closer to) the top three…

Every now and then I run a group program so it can be the perfect mix of accountability, structure, guidance, and the price is right.

Emailed to you, a Facebook support group, live yoga videos, Q&A threads, feedback from me, nutrition + recipes ( so those NY Resolutions don’t stand a chance), and it all packaged up with PDFs and sent to you at the end.

So you’ll always have access to it.

Plus, as soon as you sign up (once I open registration), you’ll get a free Holiday Thrive Guide ($97) so you can cruise through the holidays with as smile. 

still not sure ?

Not sure if this is right for you?

I’ll answer any questions and let you know if I can help you (I don’t just say I can for the heck of it). We can start via email or hop on the phone for a quick chat. 

what happy clients say

One of the best yoga sessions I’ve had. I asked for help with my low back pain, Lacy customized it to that, and I left walking comfortably- and standing up straight!

My Kindergarten Teacher

My shoulder has bothered me so much at times that I don’t even enjoy horses when I’m in that much pain. I asked Lacy how to help it and got back a series of yoga poses, foam rolling exercises, and feedback on my posture. After just a few days, I felt better. After consistent practicing for a couple weeks- it was almost like new. And even better, now I know how to break the cycle when I feel it starting to stiffen up.

My Mom