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Success Stories

I’ve gotten massages across the world and Lacy has an attention to detail that is hard to match. Beyond massage, her knowledge of anatomy and movement that she brings to her yoga sessions make every minute well spent. She doesn’t force yoga on you; she honestly loves it and creates what works for you and your lifestyle. Highly recommend a private yoga lesson with her. 

R. G. | Chief Operating Officer, Travel Afficianado, Part-Time Equestrian

I got lucky when I found Lacy and so did my horses. I can’t thank her enough for her work and the unique approach she takes to creating better horse and rider teams that truly can win. 

Matt M. | Cutting Horse Trainer

By day 2 of using this flow(Rider Yoga in 5), I was noticing a difference. I have some really tight muscles in my right hip, and my shoulders have been KILLING me from being without barn help all winter(with a herd of 10). This flow has been awesome for loosening up both my shoulders and my hip. I’ve always joked I have an inner 90-year old and now my body is catching up. But doing this flow before I go to the barn, I don’t feel crippled after loading bales for the field horses and mucking stalls. That wasn’t the case just a couple days ago!”

Elyse Savaki | Rider, Equine Servant, and Confirmed Non-Yogi

Are you ready to create your own success story? Let’s chat about how we can work together so you get back to riding like you stole it…or like you love to ride. 

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