“we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are”

Max de Pree

Sometimes, all you need is a guidebook to get you from where you are to your desired destination

No need to complicate it or force yourself into something you don’t want, instead- embrace your drive and individuality. Especially if you have tried programs before that just didn’t fit. 

Like Goldilocks, you want something that is just right and you aren’t opposed to a little trial and error as you find it for yourself. You’re actually far more opposed to being told there is only one way to do things. 

After all, that’s how you work with each individual horse- by meeting them where they are. 

That’s what these programs were designed for. 

To give you a framework to go off of, solid groundwork with some options to fit it to you.

Affordable, because all your money goes to your horses(s). 

A hands off approach- you download them and go. Of course, I am happy to answer any email questions you may have but for more support, check out the group program or one on one session packages. This is for the independent souls who like to figure it out as they go. 

As long as you show up and do the work, you will see the results. 

Mini Yoga Flows

Don’t think you have enough time to do yoga?

Then this program is for you. Short flows that created to get you on and off the mat in under 15 minutes (some as short as 5) so you can get on with your day. The barn is always calling, after all.

Over 10 yoga sequences with full body sequences, focus area flows, cardio|strength|stretch based, and all of them highly effective.

Plus they’re ‘stackable’… as in you can combine them to create your own unique yoga sequence if you have some more time to spend on your mat. I’ve even included a sample sequence. This gives you unlimited options for variety if monotony is so not your thing.

Also included is a suggested schedule, a foam rolling pdf, and a yoga for digestion flow.

All for $22 (regularly $37) until December 5th.

Yoga for Back Pain


That ache in the middle of your back- you know the knives stabbing you there? That’s not how it has to be.

Neither does your back have to ‘kill’ you after riding your horse. Driving to a show or to go trail ride shouldn’t cause you to grimace before even getting into the saddle.

That’s where yoga comes in. It’s been shown to help reduce back pain and help prevent it from being part of your daily life. How do I know that isn’t just some horse trader type of claim? Because it’s worked for me and my clients. I’m walking proof it works, and my riding shows it.

Three videos that build on each other with PDFs so you can do them anywhere and a foam rolling video for the back.

PLUS you get a full body foam rolling PDF, 2 neck yoga sequences in PDF, a core flow to strengthen, and a short warm up flow for everyday use.

Until December 5th, it’s only $39 (regular $47).

Honestly though, not having an aching back seriously is priceless.

Holiday Thrive Guide

Looking for a more complete yoga + health approach?

Here you go, Holiday Thrive Guide will get you through the holidays with a smile on your face.

With a three part approach; yoga, food, and some meditation practices that anybody can do- it’s both a basic framework you can build off of while also being a complete guide.

NO strict meal plans or you have to spend hours in the gym

NO sitting for 30 minutes wondering what meditation even is…or if you should buy and extra bottle of wine for the next social gathering.

It IS yoga flows that require no experience and can be done in anywhere from 5-60 minutes.

Food suggestions that work with the holidays.

Quick meditations and breathing tips that can be done on the go or in 5 minutes max.

Holiday Thrive also includes several sample yoga schedules, a yoga for digestion (for when you eat alll the things) bonus, and some other fun freebies.

PLUS…I rarely run group programs, but I am going to open a live support/group coaching portion to this.
FB group, more recipes and meal suggestions, live yoga classes, Q&A support threads, and open from December 17th to January 4th to get you through the holiday season.

Until December 5th both the guide and the support group are $47. After it goes to $97. Guide delivered after sign-up, program group opens on the 15th.

***Need more support? Limited spots for Pro Level Coaching with 4 30 minute calls/private yoga sessions, 3 custom yoga sequences, and a health consultation so you know what to eat. Normally this would cost over $497 BUT the first 5 spots are available at $297.


still not sure ?

Not sure if this is right for you?

I’ll answer any questions and let you know if I can help you (I don’t just say I can for the heck of it). We can start via email or hop on the phone for a quick chat. 

what happy clients say

One of the best yoga sessions I’ve had. I asked for help with my low back pain, Lacy customized it to that, and I left walking comfortably- and standing up straight!

My Kindergarten Teacher

My shoulder has bothered me so much at times that I don’t even enjoy horses when I’m in that much pain. I asked Lacy how to help it and got back a series of yoga poses, foam rolling exercises, and feedback on my posture. After just a few days, I felt better. After consistent practicing for a couple weeks- it was almost like new. And even better, now I know how to break the cycle when I feel it starting to stiffen up.

My Mom