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Personally, I love today (right horse people types?!!) an extra hour of daylight means more time at the barn.
BUT it also means we lose an hour of sleep (who’s counting?…oh that’s right, you should be! Sleep is amazing for your health).


To avoid the post DST zombie feeling:


Go to sleep at about the same time you normally would- maybe 30 minutes earlier if you need to.


Set your alarm and mean it! Don’t hit snooze a bunch (personally never allow myself to) Pretty sure there used to be an alarm in my hallway so by the time it was turned off…hello kitchen and coffee.


Stay at your normal caffeine intake- if you need an extra pick me up in the afternoon switch to tea (check caffeine content though, some have more than your cup of joe…and don’t make it Irish unless your boss is okay with it), drink more water- actually, do this anyways, get up and move- a walk around the office/barn/whatever, do some yoga, breath of fire, or whatever you favor.


Check your lunch. You shouldn’t be wanting to go into a food coma after your mid-day meal. So maybe opt for less food or see if a certain type of food makes you sleepy.


Get tired during the day. I don’t mean you can take a nap tired, I mean do something that will let you be tired when it’s time to sleep. Swing a kettlebell, do a yoga flow that challenges you a bit, move hay, take a long walk, start running, go swimming, chase those horses you have more time to spend with, take a class at the gym…get active.


Drink a bedtime drink/create a ritual. Rituals/routines prep us for a specific thing; making coffee in the am means it’s time to wake up. So create one for going to sleep. Do some reading, drink some tea (try and do this an hour or so before bed or you’re going to be up all night). Make golden milk- great for sleeping and your entire health. Try valerian root or melatonin if you really need help getting to sleep- although these aren’t ideal long term. Put your legs up the wall. Lay in bed, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Lavender spray on your pillow. Take an epsom salt bath. Play music/white noise/something to relax your brain and put you into a dream state- so much to say on this in another post. BUT we sleep how many hours and can be utilizing it (while also getting better rest) to reprogram our subconscious. Hello breaking habits.

Speaking of…


Try and set new habits you’ve been wanting to.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier. Pick taking a walk, doing some sun salutations or a yoga flow, journaling, or an easy 1 minute walk/1 minute run (try breathing just through your nose…hellllo lungs).


Lastly, get yourself outside to enjoy the sunshine if the weather permits.


PS- 10 days until Spring! Perfect time to seasonally cleanse after the heavy winter eating. I’m already starting mine cause I’m hoping to call spring in (warm weather please) and I want to jump start my health after this program I did.

Ready to do the same? Private or monthly membership options for yoga+workouts+health(where you actually eat and can live because it’s more than a juice cleanse)+mindset= better you in and out of the saddle, at work or in the barn, and no more wondering wtf to do. After all, we send our horses to professionals…sooo what are you waiting for? Email me 🙂  

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