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The Yoga of Riding

Do you feel stuck, frustrated, or aching when you ride?

Which is taking all the joy out of your passion?

These are all complaints equestrians from every discipline and level come to me with. Or aren’t even fully aware of- meaning your riding is suffering without you knowing!

Because the horse industry, as it is today, focuses on the horse.

Which is great, we are alllll about the horses.

But that ignores half the equation- you, the rider.

If you aren’t at your best (or close), your riding won’t be either. And there are no amount of circles, training, or drills that can unlock a constricted pectoral muscle to relieve back pain or strengthen your hamstrings so your low back doesn’t ache.

Perfect practice (and you’ve got that down) doesn’t help the onset of nerves so bad you wish you hadn’t eaten…for a week prior- completely blowing your competition run. Even though you had nailed practice run after practice run.

Of course, you could just go back to loping all the circles and doing all the things to your horse.

But, if you’re just flat out done with not really fixing the problem and you’re ready to

Get un-stuck (out of the saddle) and ride the way you only dream of…

Well then, welcome. Let’s get you riding at your absolute best

Physically and mentally. In and out of the arena. 

It’s time to start treating yourself like the athlete you are- no matter what your riding level, because you choose to get on an animal that can think for itself.

Do you consider your horse an athlete? And before you say the horse does all the work, it that really true. Who hauls the feed or moves the hay bales (and those aren’t light!) or are you ever out of breath riding because you’re having to work?

Now, before you worry about losing riding time, taking care of yourself doesn’t have to take hours.

Clients of mine have seen results in 5 minutes a day, after one or two classes with me, or from one simple tweak. Of course, they did the work and then continue to do the work…but it can fit into your horse life and your schedule.

What would it feel like to not grab that Advil bottle for the aches you know will happen?

How would you like to show up at a show, cool as a cucumber, and ride at your best? Possibly placing consistently?

To know that every lesson with your trainer will be covering something new with your horse.

Or to know once the ride is over, the horse is untacked, stalls cleaned, and feed moved- you’ll gladly go grab some food and drinks with your barn friends.

I’m on a mission to

Help horse riders of all disciplines enjoy riding again at every level through yoga principles that address their needs as an equestrian.

Why focus on the rider?

Because that’s what worked for me and took my riding from stuck to consistent improvements. My riding still improves every time I go to the barn thanks to yoga.

I can apply cues better so the horse knows what I want. I can stay calm when we are doing something new or when I’m hopping on a young (or spooky, or a rehab horse). When a horse does need some more ride time…or posting trot…or seated trot (my nemesis)- I can do it without physical pain.

And if I feel stuck or out of whack one day- I know how to fix it.

Basically, I walk my talk.

I’ve been doing this awhile, and while yoga won’t abracadabra all (just the majority of them) your riding woes away, it will help you ride significantly better.

So, while everybody else worries about how to fix every single horse they have, you improve your ability to ride all the horses.

And then see what the horse really needs, now that you’ve helped half the equation.


a few ways we can Do the yoga together

I believe in meeting people where they are, while helping them get to their goals. Check out the most effective ways to work with me and choose the one that fits you.

Join the Dark Horse Online Studio

An online yoga studio that makes it easy for you to do yoga anywhere. 

Accessible from any interent device, classes of all levels and lengths, emphasis on what you as an equestrian need most, and two different levels to choose from-perfect for all budgets and needs. 

Email to get the monthly workout+yoga flows+food emailed directly to you in PDF form. 

Custom Created Private Packages

You want a body that feels GREAT in and out of the saddle.

You’re ready to ride like you know  you can- your body just doesn’t always cooperate. 

You want to enjoy your barn time and the happy hour after…without hobbling like you’re ready for a walker.

Orrrrr popping Advil like candy. 

Basically, you’re ready to go from blah to gold buckle (or trophy). 

Maybe you’ve tried yoga before and it just didn’t do it? That’s ok, I had the same feelings about yoga at first. 

But once I truly learned about the body and how to unlock it, my riding transformed- physically and mentally. 

That’s what we will do together for you. 

Book your free consultation below and let’s get started on your riding transformation!

Book Here

The Yoga of Riding

Can you imagine walking out to the barn knowing you are going to have an amazing ride…every time?

No, this isn’t a fairy tale.

It’s what is possible when you work on yourself and then work with your horse.

How you ride effects how your horse moves.

Your mental state can dictate whether a minor issue become World War 3 or just a little hiccup.

Beyond just the physcial, it’s about the connection between your horse(s) and you. Especially if you are a trainer or ride multiple horses- working on yourself will automatically help every single horse you get on.

This is the Yoga of Riding.

10 weeks, group setting with personal attention.

We set the foundation for you out of the saddle first.

Then we correct what happens in the saddle, in the moment.

Private calls and video yoga sessions with me- so you know it’s what you personally need and not just some cookie cutter suggestions thrown out there.

We focus on how you move physcially and how you breathe, how you think, how you show up.

So you always bring your A game to the barn.

Want in?

I accept a limited number of participants and am currently accepting applications for those who are ready to up-level their riding.

Want in? Email for an application and for a special bonus.

I can’t wait to work with you

Need some more info? Good- I want you to be well informed to make the best choice for you and your horse. 

Check out the website and if you still have questions- shoot an email to and I’ll gladly answer them.