my yoga and horse story

it started way back when…

A horse crazy girl, who no matter how hard she trained or how many lessons she took, ended most of her rides with tears of frustration. A little out of rhythm, a lot self-conscious, and unwilling to give up on horses… she ended up finding a better way.

I was forced to do yoga turns out, massage school (for humans, I was already a horse massage therapist and realized there was an unaddressed horse/rider connection) makes you do things to take care of your body. Soon enough, I started practicing yoga outside of massage school. 

And I was seeing results- physical (losing some weight!), mental (lower stress), and even in my riding.

Riding became fun again

I enjoyed being in the saddle and WW3 didn’t happen every ride. The aches and pains were gone. My horses moved better, we competed better, and my mental game was strong- you ever thought yourself out of a good run before you even got into the arena? That used to be me. 

I started working with clients.

And they saw the same type of results . 

It wasn’t a fluke, I truly had found a way to help horses and riders as a team. 


“there is nothing so good for the inside of a (wo)man as the outside of a horse”

John Lubbock…or Ronald Raegan…or Winston Churchill

Unless the riding hurts more than it helps. 

Horses are my passion, movement my hobby, and teaching yoga so people can live their lives without pain what I do.

I bring my massage therapist and biomechanics knowledge to every yoga class so it makes sense for your body. Because every person is different. 

And once you feel how good it feels to move without pain, you won’t wanna go back. 

SO if you’re cool with

Constant horse references  (I may have compared a boyfriend to a horse I trained once…)

A healthy sense of humor (not taking ourselves sooo seriously)

Out of the box thinking


Some wine or whiskey on the side

Love the idea of a good day in the barn

And outdoor adventures…

Then we can be friends (and possibly work together).

I’m not really into mass producing cookie cutter yoga, although I do have some DIY programs that can get you started, I’m into customization. Finding what works for you, not forcing you into what I think works. Because of that, if we work together, we could actually become friends. (Not a requirement though!)

and I love what I do

To the point I may be obsessed with it

The best way to get started is download the yoga flow below! Then you can get a feel for my style and if you want to go further.

Already know you’re ready for more? Email me through the contact page or and we will hit the ground running…errr yoga-ing. Down Dog, we will hit the ground in down dog.  

PS- you’ll be just fine without yoga, however…you can be so much better with yoga. And I’m always a fan of improving my edge. 

Ride Better Today!

Without adding to your saddle time. 

Grab this free yoga flow, roll out your mat (or saddle blanket), and find out how much better you can ride.

Some results have been feeling better, riding better (and longer), and actually being able to enjoy the barn. 

Give me 5 minutes, at least 3 times a week and go from blah to gold buckle worthy.

Yes, please!

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