Sun Salutations…if you’ve ever been to a yoga of the vinyasa, power, or hatha variety- you’ve done them in some form or another.

It’s on of the most basic (read; easy to remember, adapt, and time efficient) yoga sequences out there. Granted, most people do need some lateral movement that can easily be added in- it’s just not there in the traditional poses.

Anyways, this video runs you through the Sun Salutation sequence (one) of the ways I practice them. Use it to wake up in the morning (or whenever you wake up), as a warm up before you ride/workout/run, as a commercial activity, or whenever you want. Except for before bed, not advised for then as the last thing you want to be before bed is wide awake. There’s a different flow for that, and I’ll post it another time. Or you can google moon salutations.

Whenever you decide, try doing three to five runs throughs or just set a timer for at least five minutes and see how you feel after.

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5 Minutes to Change your Riding

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Some results have been feeling better, riding better (and longer), and actually being able to enjoy the barn. 

Give me 5 minutes, at least 3 times a week and go from blah to gold buckle worthy.

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